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Almost all visitors to Russia and many of its neighbours will need a visa. To apply for a Russian visa you will need an official visa support document (also known as a letter of invitation) from an organisation authorised by the Russian government.

All Russian Trains, through its parent company, East West Link, is a fully bonded and licensed Russian tour operator and can provide you with an invitation for either a tourist or business visa.

Tourist visas are for people travelling to Russia for tourism or leisure purposes and allows the consulate to process a visa that is valid for a maximum of 30 days and allows for a single or double entry.

Business visas are generally used by people who travel to Russia on official or private business, allows them to travel when and stay where they wish (within the validity of the visa) and allows the consulate to prepare visas for single, double or multiple visits that are valid from between one and twelve months.

Click here to order your Russian Tourist visa support documents, fill in a simple form and pay online and you will have them within 15 minutes.

Once you have your invitation you will need to enclose the visa support documents with your application to the Russian consulate of your choice providing your passport and all the other documents required to allow them to process a visa.

If you try to enter Russia with the visa support documents or train tickets alone you will either be refused entry.

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