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Russia has the largest land border of any country and many neighbours along it including to the West there is Belarus, Finland and Ukraine, The Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania as well as direct links into European destinations such as Amsterdam, Berlin, Bucharest, Paris, Sophia and Warsaw.

In the South of Russia there are links with Azerbajan, Kazakhstan and through them following the ancient silk route to countries such as Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and on into Turkey and Iran.

It is for this reason that all Russian rail timetables are quoted in Moscow time (GMT +3) to ensure a unified system across the network.

All of the countries bordering or with direct rail links to Russia also have trains travelling to and from Russia and All Russian Trains can issue tickets for them as well. You will find that where the departure or destination station is outside of Russia then the time is quoted in local time, but don’t worry, when we issue your ticket we will provide you with a full itinerary description of your trip including local times of arrival and departure.

To the East of course there is the famous Trans-Siberian route crossing out of Europe at the Ural Mountains and into Siberia before arriving at the Asian countries of Mongolia and China over 9,000 kilometers and six days direct travelling away.

All Russian Trains has a specialist Trans-Siberian team who can advise and assist with booking tickets for this route obtaining the best rates even if they include multiple legs on the way. If you have an itinerary email for a quote today.

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