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Buying at the train station

Russian railways and the other rail operators of the region provide no commission or discount structure for commercial purchase and as such all train tickets we, or any company, issue have a booking fee added.

You should be aware that this means that it will always be cheaper for you to purchase Russian rail tickets at the station, though there are many disadvantages to this.

We believe that our booking fee and the service we provide is well worth avoiding standing for hours in a queue before finally trying to deal with staff at the train station that almost certainly do not speak English and have no interest in dealing with you.

The Russian railways offer no ticket reservation system and as the tickets go on sale only 60 days before the departure date of the train this means that popular trains or many trains in the spring and summer sell out within days.

Buying through an agency

A local agent can provide excellent service but will charge a fee which may vary between 15% to 50% of the original ticket price.

The agent’s commission depends on the quality of service they provide (or perceive they provide) and among other things if they speak English, the time of year, the train, the class of carriage you want and often if you are a foreigner.

You should be very cautious of faxing or providing any credit card details to an agency in Russia that you have never used before or has not been recommended to you and you should ask them to fax / email you a scan of the ticket when it has been booked to allow you to check that you have what you paid for!

Buying online

All Russian Trains is a joint European and Russian company that is a leading internet based, fully bonded, Russian tour operator that has long term contracts and licenses with the state run Russian Railways and we specialise in the provision of train tickets for all routes within Russia, the CIS and beyond.

Our online system links directly to the Russian Railways central database and with it you can browse the trains at your leisure confident that all the schedule, ticket class, price and availability information is 100% accurate.

When you are ready, you can request and securely pay for your tickets online, tracking the progress of your order through to delivery. Our team of expert operators are available to answer any questions you may have and to assist you with your booking.

We can deliver the tickets anywhere in the world, within Moscow, St Petersburg or even send you a voucher by email that may be exchanged for the physical ticket at most train stations in Russia.

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