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Questions, questions…

Below are answers to many frequently asked questions, this is by no mean exhaustive and if you don't find what you are looking for then please contact us and we will be happy to help.

Is the information accurate?

Yes, the information on our site is live and comes directly from the Russian Railways central scheduling system. The prices are converted from Russian Roubles using the daily rate as supplied by the European Central Bank so you can be confident that the train, the ticket class are available and the price is what you will pay.

Is it safe to book online?

Yes, we have been selling online since 2005 and we take the security of your personal information very seriously. Our web-site is hosted by our own dedicated servers located in a category one secure data centre based in the UK. Information you pass to us is protected by SSL technology which means any data you send to us can’t be intercepted or read by hackers and we have our server and site scanned daily by McAfee to ensure it is safe from all past and present threats.

What is the difference between ticket classes?

Millions of people travel safely every year on Russian railways and in many ways it can be claimed they are the safest trains in the world. Every carriage has one or two conductors, who look after it 24 hours a day. Every passenger gets his ticket checked upon entry and must present a passport to get on the train. Most overnight or long distance trains have a police team on board. At every stop the train gets thoroughly checked to make sure there is no minor damage.

You should always, however take all reasonable precautions to protect yourself and your personal property from harm or theft as you would in any similar situation. Some basic guidelines for travelling safely include:

  • If you are travelling by overnight train and have the use of a sleeping compartment, store valuables in the container under the bed/seat.
  • Do not leave the compartment empty, or if you do you can ask the conductor to lock the door.
  • Compartments have a simple lock on the inside of the sliding door. On some trains there may be an additional lock to be attached to the fitted handle/lock unit, which holds this securely locked. There may also be a steel switch at head-height on the door panel which, when pulled down, prevents the closed door from being slid open fully.
  • You should be alert at all times to the possibility of pick-pocketing and theft. Be particularly alert to groups of women and children who beg, and pickpockets around the main railway concourses.
  • Take care when drinking with or meeting casual or new acquaintances and do not leave your drinks unattended.
What about women travelling alone?

If you are a woman travelling alone you have, on many trains, the option of buying a ticket in a woman only cabin, look for tickets that have the women/men only cabin icon icon next to them.

In some cases, women travelling alone prefer to be in the third class rather than in a private compartment with strangers.

When can I book my tickets?

For Russian rail tickets including it is generally not possible to confirm prices or issue the tickets more than 60 days before departure of the train.

Currently the Russian railways are issuing tickets for journeys on or before: 1561622642.

If your journey is within 60 days, if they are available we can issue your tickets immediately, however if your journey is more than 60 days away to help you with budgeting and planning of your trip we can hold your request in our system and contact you nearer the time to complete the booking.

How can I read my ticket?

When we issue your tickets we will provide a full itinerary in English.

Is there food on the train?

Most of long distance trains have a restaurant car serving hot meals, drinks and snacks. The variety and quality of the offerings can vary greatly depending upon the route, train and even time of year. On the Firmeny and Express trains the food can be surprisingly good while on the slow passenger trains it can be better to stick to the items in tins, cans or packets!

Each carriage is equipped with a samovar with unlimited free hot water at the end of the corridor next to the conductors cabin — It's a good idea to take your own tea, coffee, sugar, soups, noodles and mug. If you take milk, then we would recommend you buy a small packet at a supermarket before boarding the train.

On some trains breakfast or light dinner is included into the ticket price and this is indicated in our system by the appropriate icons next to the ticket class.

Are there toilets on the train?

On long distance trains you will find a toilet and a sink for washing at either end of the carriage. In the morning there can be large queues for the bathroom, so do get up early if you need to "go" and most trains will close the bathrooms 10 minutes or so before they stop at a station and 30 or minutes before the train arrives at its final destination.

It is recommend you use bottled water for brushing your teeth rather than the water from the tap and that you take your own hand towel.

Can I take children or pets?

Yes you can, and children get cheaper tickets as well. One adult can take one child who is up to five years old free of charge, though they do not get their own berth. For children between 5 and 10 years old the tickets are 50% of the adult cost and they get their own berth.

Remember, that for children, it can be hot on an overnight train, so don't forget their pyjamas or sleeping clothes.

Small domestic animals such as dogs, cats and birds can be transported in the trains luggage car only if you are travelling on a direct route or, you may travel with them in your carriage (except first class) if they are not forbidden by veterinary rules. The conductor or train master may require you to pay additional fees for transporting your pets.

Are there facilities for disabled people?

On selected trains leaving from Moscow and St. Petersburg and other main routes there are special carriages for wheelchair users with wide corridors, toilet facilities and larger cabin space, though in the main, there are no special provisions available. Look out for ticket classes with the icon for carriage with arrangements for disabled people icon next to them.

What is the luggage allowance?

In first class you may take up to 50kg of luggage per passenger, in second and third class the allowance is 36kg per passenger.

This allowance does not include personal items such as purses, briefcases or laptop computers.

What if I lose or damage my ticket?

Lost or damaged tickets will not be replaced and you will be required to buy a new ticket.

Can you help with tickets for the Trans-Siberian route?

All Russian Trains has a specialist Trans-Siberian team who can advise and assist with booking tickets for this route obtaining the best rates even if they include multiple legs on the way. If you have an itinerary email for a quote today.

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